About us

From Sunset Strip to a summerhouse in the Swedish archipelago


The story of the Swedish tribute band Mötley Crüel has its beginning in the summer of 2008 with the aim to honor one of the greatest rock n´roll band; Mötley Crüe. This American band has for more than 30 years, together with bands like Kiss and Twisted Sister, made the path for the coming generations.


Mötley Crüe started their journey on Sunset Strip, one of the Hollywood streets that should become one of the most significant places for the glam rock scene during the 1980´s. Basically everyone had a huge hair setup, make up and tight clothing. Thousands of articles and books has been written from this period that everyone who attended remember as chaotic. You couldn´t hardly tell de difference between men and women, the bands competed with eahother of who was the most good looking band. The music that in many cases was secondary, sounded like crap. However, there were some bands that did really well, and a few of them are still active. Mötley Crüe was until New Years eve 2015 one of these bands, Kiss is another. Kiss had also at this point a great role of guiding the upcoming bands due to their already long career from the 1970´s.


What about the Swedish tribute band Mötley Cruel then? Where do they fit into the picture?


Mötley Crüel started its journey far from Sunset strip on an island in the Swedish archipelago. Four guys borned in the seventies listening to old vinyl records of Mötley Crüe. Within some weeks the band started to rehearse to taste and feel the songs but also to plan the show.


Mötley Crüel performed their first gig in January 2009 in a small pub in Hudiksvall, dressed in wigs and make up, everyone from different areas of the motley history. Christer Uhlander got the role to play Mick Mars, Lars Grahn became Nikki Sixx, Johan Bengtsson was Vince Neil and Lars Forss had the role of Tommy Lee. Lars Grahn decided to leave the band in 2010 and Peter Forss have since then the role as Nikki Sixx.


In 2010 Mötley Crüel attended to the competition Battle of The Tribute Bands in Sweden and made it to the finals. In time for the finals Nadja Thalén was hired as the role of Sandy and Emma Salmi as the role of Bambi. With this female back vocal duo, the show was lifted up to a new level. And like Mötley Crüe, the band kicked ass in the finals. Mötley Crüel did unfortuntely not win, but there were for sure a night that will never be forgotten. The band have made a number of shows around Sweden. One of our shows were filmed and can be wieved by clicking tis link: Link to the gig


Mötley Crüel is a side project to the Swedish metal band Corrosive Sweden, where three of the members; Johan, Peter and Christer are playing together with Daniel Hedin and Lars Grahn.



When Mötley Crue announced in 2014 that they will quit for good it was clear that a very significant part of the music history were about close the book.

As from this point and forward it is up to the tribute bands to conduct to the role, and ensure that Mötley Crüe continue to live without disappearing in the history.


If I say Mick, You say Mars!

If I say Vince, You say Neil!

If I say Nikki, You say Sixx!

If I say Tommy, You say LlerleeWho are we? MÖTLEY CRÜEL!!